Mosaic Oriental Sweets is a unique Sweets concept. Our concept serves the oriental sweets with a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Mosaic’s Story

In the art of making the traditional oriental sweets, Mosaic Oriental Sweets brings about a mouth-watering experience to your taste buds. Delicacy combined with richness in the form of detailed sophistication is surely found within the distribution of our products that all belong in the food industry. At Mosaic Oriental Sweets, we our cultural background along with a matching setting ready for those in need for exploration.

Our items of serving come in variety of shapes, sizes, texture, and color with our complementary items on the side that all come in unity and form of one complete picture of art. Our stores will be located all across the Mediterranean region starting from Istanbul, Turkey.

They are prepared to bring the understanding of Oriental sweets within the Mediterranean region market. By now you should savor our desserts and come around and visit Mosaic Oriental Sweets where pistachio paradise could be found.

Mosaic's story

Mosaic’s Origins

  • Mosaic’s roots are originated from the ancient oriental mouthwatering sweets discovered in 1870.


  • The blossomy green color of our pistachio and the sunlight colors of our nuts that are carefully picked are the reasons behind why Mosaic sweets are in your hands today.

Opening hours

Happy to see you in our branch

to Thursday


Friday and



RESERVATION NUMBER: +90 (212) 486 0702

Core Values

Human Feel

We will provide a cozy and friendly environment that will make our clients feel home


We act with honesty and honor without compromising the truth

Quality & Satisfaction

We will ensure the creation of the best quality sweets to satisfy our clients

Love & Passion

Our passionate staff will deliver their love of the sweets to our clients


Mosaic Oriental Sweets is a comfy and relaxing cafe that will be located across Turkey Serving the most mouthwatering oriental sweets, Mosaic Oriental Sweets is targeting a wide market of mid and high-end clientele. At Mosaic Oriental Sweets, we do not compromise quality. Every effort is made to keep the quality and prices reasonable.

In particular, we are looking for franchise partners who will be awarded exclusive rights for multi- unit territory development. We can offer a number of compelling reasons for potential investors to join the Mosaic Oriental Sweets team:

International management operations (IMO):

Our experienced food service generalists are fully committed to supporting our franchise partners in their home areas. These international managers generally live in the region they support, and speak the local language. IMO is the liaison between franchise partners and our staff of experts at the regional Mosaic Oriental Sweets support centers.

Strong parent company:

Balbey Gida is the parent company of Mosaic Oriental Sweets. We are totally committed to building a world-class franchise system. Our vision is to be a world leader in oriental sweets specialty items and other compatible food products, maintain consistently high standards by offering our franchise partners a complete portfolio of high quality products and service.


Mosaic Oriental Sweets has an extensive training and education program to ensure each meal is served to perfection. Our orientation franchise program (OFP) is designed to provide all new partners with the tools they need to take full advantage of all support services. All aspects of our support and marketing are introduced during this comprehensive program.

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Franchise Catalogue

Franchise Catalogue